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Editing and selecting anatomic models


Specifying anatomic model parameters Selecting anatomic models Editing the structure of the scene

Specifying anatomic model parameters

Once a 3D model is loaded, you may change its parameters such as changing its visibility, color, opacity or name.

Select the "Edit" tab and expand the tree of the desired 3D model by clicking on the mark on the left.


Then, the system allows you to:

Moreover, some of those settings such as  "Show", "Hide" "Set color", "Set opacity" and "Delete" may be applied to a list of selected models. It is often more efficient than doing it model by model. Once the list is constructed, you click on the corresponding buttons in the bottom of the "Edit tab". The next paragraph explains how to create a multiple selection.


Selecting anatomic models

It is possible to select a 3D model either by clicking on its name in the "Edit" tab or by clicking on the corresponding anatomic structure on the display window in the "selection mode".

Selection from the screen :

In the toolbar, click on the fourth mouse mode : selection mode.

Then, with the left button, click on the corresponding anatomic structure model on the scene : it will automatically open the "Edit" tab and select or unselect the model you clicked onto. For multiple selection, press the "Ctrl" key before clicking on another model.

Selection from the "Edit" tab :

To select or unselect a 3D model, click on its name. For multiple selection, use the "Ctrl" key and the "Shift" key. The button "Select all" enables to select all the loaded models. To select or unselect all the components of a directory, click on the name of the directory.

The selected 3D models are output in the "Edit" tab with a blue background and, if they are visible, they are highlighted in red in the 3D screen.


Editing the structure of the scene

The scene is organized as a tree with directories: by default, a scene has two directories: the directory "Slices" which contains all the loaded slices and the directory "Models" which contains all the 3D models. However, you may want to have another structure so as to group some particular models.

To create a new directory, click on the button "New directory" in the bottom of the "Edit" tab, write its name and click on "Apply". Then, for each model or directory you want to include, click on its name and drag it in the new directory. Each new directory is by default placed in the main directory. Drag it wherever you want.

 To delete a directory, select it, and click on the "Delete" button first to delete its components and then click again on "Delete" to delete the empty directory.


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