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How to load 3D models and slices


Loading a 3D scene Loading 3D models Loading labeled slices

Loading a 3D scene

ToolbarLoadScene.jpg (8650 octets)

To load a complete 3D scene containing 3D models and labeled slices already saved in a particular environment, click on the button "Load a 3D scene" in the toolbar. Then, in the new displayed window, click on the button "Load" of a 3D scene from the folder "My 3D scenes" if you have already saved 3D scenes, from the folder "Shared 3D scenes" if someone has already shared you one of its scenes, or from the folder "Public 3D scenes" if you want to load public 3D scenes.


Loading 3D models

To build a new 3D model, go to the "Search and load" tab, type the name of an anatomic structure (or a part of it) and click on the button "Search". You may refine your search by specifying the system, the part, or the side you are interested in. Then, among the search results proposed, choose the desired quality and click on the button "Load" of the model you want. NB: in the "View" tab, it is possible to define the minimum quality you require for the proposed models (low, medium or high).


Loading labeled slices

To load a new labeled slice, at least one 3D model is required. In the toolbar, select the fourth mouse mode: "slice extraction mode".

ToolbarSliceExtraction.jpg (5640 octets)

A small window will appear containing the default slice parameters (direction, resolution, size). Feel free to modify them.

Then, click on a point on the scene where you want your slice to pass through. A slice with the correct orientation will be displayed on the screen. If the slice is not visible, rotate the scene.


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