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How to save a 3D scene and record an animation


Saving a 3D scene Recording an animation Creating a video file

Saving a 3D scene

Click on the button "Save a 3D scene" in the toolbar.

ToolbarSaveScene2.jpg (8554 octets)

In the new displayed window, write the name and the comment you want to give to the scene. Then, click on one of the save buttons. "Save as" will record a new anatomic scene. If a personal scene is already loaded, "Save" will replace the old scene.

 The parameters of the scene (background color, camera position) and of each anatomic model (color, visibility, name, opacity) will be recorded in the database under your personal entry.


Recording an animation

The applet allows you to record a succession of actions such as interactive navigation (rotation, zooming, translation), slice translation, or modification of the parameters of the anatomic models, which will rebuilt later in a video file. To do this, click on the "Video" button : the animation starts to be recorded immediately.

ToolbarSaveAnimation.jpg (8843 octets)

Then, carry out your actions as quickly as possible (maximum time : 3 minutes) and click again on the "Video" button to end the animation.

SaveAnimation.jpg (12600 octets)

In the new displayed window, write the name and the comment you want to give to the animation, and click on the save button. An animation is attached to a 3D scene, i.e. if you don't have recorded  the current scene yet, it will be automatically saved before.


Creating a video file from a recorded animation

To retrieve the animation you have recorded, go to the menu page and click on the item "saved markers, 3D scenes and 3D animations". In the folder  Your 3D scenes, locate the animation that has been saved and click on the button "Create".

In the new displayed window, choose the parameters of the video you want to create: width and height in pixels, frame rate (number of frames per second). By clicking on "Create", the server will process your request. The video construction can take a long time. Its state (waiting, running or done) can be consulted. After the server has terminated the construction, a link to the video allows you to download it. This link appears once you have refreshed your HTML page.


The video is an AVI file which will be stored on the server only for 24 hours. Its quality is higher than in the applet, because it is processed off-line by the server. The frame rate is constant and other features such as textured slice translation, recorded animations with partly transparent anatomic structures, are available.


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